My Discovery Of P-FUNK

My discovery of
Parliament / Funkadelic
and a Funk Pure

probably summer 1977. as i remember it was in the dining room of my babysitters house. i was sitting at the table when i heard a kinda sound i had never heard before. it was the keyboards of mothership connection. i immediately asked “who is that?” the response was thats “parliament, its been out, it’s old”. (had been out maybe months). immediately i had the 8 track in myh hand. bootleg prolly from george’s party shop. blue label. black basic print. nothing but song titles.

i immediately ask if i could listen to this 8-track. i rememebr taking it home. sometime later i rememebr typing out the words to make my funk the p-funk on my mother’s electric typewriter until i got a copy without mistake. the sound of the music caught my ear. but it was the lyrics and concept that kepted my attention to this day. it was positve, happy, celebatory music with a coolness. music with a strong positive movement i could feel.

it didnt contradict itself, it was consistent. it was kinda like a science type of reality in music. it didnt dwell on love. it was all about fun.
friends began telling me funkadelic and parliament were the same people so i check them out. i didnt like funkadelic. it was too dark.

first saw them in pitt or cle, a bus tour to the concert and back. i forget who sposored it, but we was dressed up and my little sister and her friends even went. seats were so far back and it was so overwhelming i really didnt see much. i rememebr seeing enough to understand the underwater effect they were trying to achieve. cause word around the hood was that it was underwater and i wanted to see how they was gonna pull that off without damaging the philosophy. without being cheesy, that was important cause this was something i believed in.
almost 30 years the philosophy has never let me down. never in any lyric is something i strongly disagree with. or find to be non-sensical or even grammaticly incorrect. never in one place does p-funk contradict itself with conflicting concepts.
it is truly consistent.


looking back now the mothership keyboards are an unnatural sound. not found in nature.

human produced. mechanized technology almost. electronic gadgetry soundin
doesnt dwell on dysfunctional personal love