FUNK is something that can ultimately only be described by one unto itself

Your text is a very thoughtful and personal exploration of the concept of “funk.” It appears to be an in-depth attempt at conceptualizing the idea and exploring how it extends into your philosophy of life, race, rhythm, and even the essence of existence. Here are some adjustments for grammar, punctuation, and clarity:

“For me, funk is more than just music; it is a way of life. I embrace a hedonistic philosophy in which play and pleasure hold equal importance with work and discipline. Moreover, I strive to achieve harmony with everything I encounter. The result? Success in life, and I celebrate this success through dance.

It seems that funk manifests when an entity is completely comfortable with their philosophy, understanding, and environment. It appears as relaxed confidence, stemming from an inner well-being free from anxiety.

This state translates physically into rhythm, coordination, happy, relaxed, confident movements, disposition, and gestures. A “smoothness” arising from inner peace and tranquility, from being in harmony with everything, free from fear or apprehension.

Consider the rhythm of an animal with funk, never shaken or knocked off beat. An animal maintaining a groove, staying on beat effortlessly, without “nervousness,” undistracted by its surroundings.

Dominance, a forced harmony over everything, can also endow an entity with confidence in its philosophy and a cool, relaxed disposition. But at some point, an entity whose funk is based on dominance must defend or fight to maintain that dominance. This is where the fear to defend and the exertion of effort come into play, often affecting the entity’s outward coolness and disposition.

Examples of this “coolness” can be observed in other animals, and in how a lion moves within its natural habitat. At times, as the lion is dominant, it has a confident stride and gestures showing relaxedness, coolness, and confidence. However, when threatened, fear and natural tensions or adrenaline kick in, readying the animal to protect itself. The same holds true for humans.

An inner well-being and an unshakeable calmness manifest as “coolness” in entities that are comfortable within their understanding, philosophy, and environment.

‘Funky’ is the means and style an entity uses to enact its philosophy and existence. Everything is funky as everything is executed and accomplished at an entity’s personal level. Every entity is unique, and therefore has unique methods driving it, producing its unique funky ways.

Below, I’ve brainstormed ideas that I feel accurately represent the above concepts. These thoughts were not entirely clear or articulated properly as of the date they were recorded, 2003-12-13.

Funk is the philosophy an entity chooses or is imposed on it (even for inanimate objects) for its way of survival. It is your way of getting over.

Funk is an attitude towards life and all things, applicable to anyone – a nun, a murderer. It’s a way of handling things, embodying good and bad, up and down, god and evil. It’s a way.

The essence of every individual entity is its own funk. Other philosophies use different terminologies to describe the essence of a thing; I call it ‘funk.’

Black Americans, in particular, have manifested “funk” into something that can be acknowledged, highlighting qualities unique to their experiences. One could describe funk as coolness, a coolness one has when they are in harmony with everything around them. Funk could also be a philosophy based on dance and rhythm, as rhythm and dance are integral to the culture of black people.

The music of P-Funk helps me best celebrate this philosophy. For more than 28 years, I have studied P-Funk theory in lyrics, album covers, etc. It is an extremely deep philosophy that

My Discovery of Parliament / Funkadelic and a Funk Pure

probably summer 1977. as i remember it was in the dining room of my babysitters house. i was sitting at the table when i heard a kinda sound i had never heard before. it was the keyboards of mothership connection. i immediately asked “who is that?” the response was thats “parliament, its been out, it’s …